…crumbly blue signage in the Moroccan mountains

I’m just back from the town of Chefchaouen, up in the Rif mountains in Morocco. A stunning town, with just about everything painted blue (harking back to the 1930s when Jewish settlers started painting it – blue being symbolic for sky and heaven. The blue is also rumoured to repel mosquitoes!). Within the maze-like medina are all things crumbly, blue, occasionally rusty, signage and all manner of wooden and metal doors.

I’ve created a tumblr page here. As a taster, here are a few pics.

This was one of many metal plates used for electric / water meters. NIce mix of western and arabic letters, in vivid blue.Chaouen12

I took a walk out of town to the cemetery – many weather-beaten inscriptions on gravestones.Chaouen17

Cute rusty lovehearts on this mini garageChaouen24

Gas canisters roasting in the midday sunChaouen4

Fruit boxes with a curious mix of stamped english and arabicChaouen5

House numbers stamped onto electricity boxesChaouen11

Great old street signage, in a rare occurrence of yellow and greenChaouen18

Old street signs again, back to faithful blue and whiteChaouen19

So many narrow streets with so many interesting shadowsChaouen31

An here’s the rusty old taxi stopChaouen32